Social Media

Social Media

IMS Advertising Takes the Mystery Out of Social Media Marketing and Shows You How and Why to Harness its Potential.

One author calls this “the age of engage.” That’s her term (and book title) for social media marketing.

Here are a few other popular terms for this still under-used and not-fully-understood marketing phenomenon:

  • Interactive marketing
  • Social networking
  • Buzz marketing
  • Viral marketing

What’s our point? That before you decide why and how to best use social media marketing, it’s important to first understand the term. Here’s our own working definition:

Social Media Marketing: The process of engaging consumers in meaningful dialog and open exchanges of information for the purpose of building your brand, expanding your market, and ultimately growing your business at an accelerated rate through social interaction.

Okay, now that we know what it is, let’s examine the primary reasons why your company should “engage” in the practice.

7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Engage in Social Media.

1. Expand your reach.

TV ads air where you place them. Direct mail letters arrive at homes on your mailing list. By comparison, social media contact extends your brand recognition all over the world, and certainly beyond your normal geographic boundaries.

2. Pro-act, don’t just react

Never before have consumers been so enabled to impact your company’s reputation through blogs, various review services, word of mouth and, yes, even via Facebook. So grab the reins, initiate the dialog, and keep it positive…you’ll will be shaping people’s opinions in the process.

3. Travel the Two-Lane Road

Traditional forms of marketing are mono-directional…”you” talking to “them.” Social media changes all that. It gives you the opportunity to engage your customers in conversation in greatly expanded fashion. The more you know about them, the better able you are to meet their needs.

4. Stay True Blue to Your Brand

As you engage your customers, be careful not to get too “buddy-buddy” or otherwise stray from what your brand represents. You own it, it’s yours, it’s unique…as such, you need to protect it.

5. The Truth is Mightier than the Jab

The dark side of going “social” is further enabling customers to post negative comments about you pretty much anywhere they like, even if the comments aren’t true. That is not a reason to hide, but it is a reason to listen and respond with honesty and integrity. You might be surprised at how quickly most people will appreciate your response and once again think positively about you.

6. Who Needs the Press?

Social media is the best thing to happen to public relations since the invention of the printing press. If you have good news to share, you can do so immediately. If someone gives you a bad rap, you can (and should!) respond just as quickly. By and large, you’re in the driver’s seat, so steer a steady course and your business can only benefit as a result.

7. A-Blogging We Will Go!

Search engines love blogs, and so do your customers, especially if you update yours frequently with relevant and engaging content. The fresher the content, the better chance you have of getting your blog posts on page 1 of Google in the organic listings.

Meet Your New Social (Media) Director: IMS Advertising

There is no contractor marketing firm that offers you a more complete package of marketing services than we do. Our three-tiered social media marketing package is just one “proof positive.”

Whichever package you might choose, we do all the work in close cooperation with you (and designated members of your staff) to help keep the messages flowing, fresh, and relevant. In addition to the three optional packages described below, we can also custom-develop a plan that more closely matches your company’s specific needs and marketing opportunities.

Services for Those Who Want to Fly Solo

Do you have someone on staff designated to handle your social media program?  If so, and you’d like a little extra training or coaching for both beginners and those with more experience, we provide one-on-one training.  Here are just a few examples of what we have to offer:


Facebook Training

Learn the how to’s of Facebook, including posting, interaction, reporting and management


Twitter Training

This session covers account set up, how to tweet, what to tweet, who to follow and how to respond to clients.


LinkedIn Training

We unravel the mystery of LinkedIn by explaining what they’re all about, what they have to offer, how to set up a company page, how to set up individual pages,  what to post and the best ways to add your connections.


Pinterest Training

Here you’ll learn all the basics of Pinterest, how to pin, how to create a pin, and what content to pin.


Google + Training

Master the skill of creating a Google+ individual page and a Google Places page.  We’ll explain the in’s and out’s of reviews, postings  and content population.


Social Media Training

Pick three platforms (including any of the above) and we’ll provide an all-encompassing and custom-developed training program for you and, at your discretion, members of your staff.


Go Social.  And Go with IMS Advertising.

For more information on our diverse social media marketing services or to get started on a program of your own, contact us today.  We won’t just get you in the game…we’ll help you win.


If you have any questions on the social media packages listed above or would like a customized solution for your business please call us today at 860-316-2541.