Payment Options & Policies

Payment Options & Policies

IMS Advertising accepts payment by check, wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Terms of payment will be discussed with each client in advance for prior approval.

Payment & Refund Policy

It is the requirement and responsibility of each client to proofread all work produced by IMS Advertising before a job is printed, a web site goes live, a TV commercial goes on the air – and so on – to detect any and all errors. If any errors are found that are the responsibility of IMS Advertising, we will correct them at no additional charge and resubmit a final proof for client approval. If such mistakes are not found or corrected, and the client gives final project approval, payment in full is still required.

Should, however, IMS Advertising be responsible for any sort of production error, even with a client’s final proofreading and project sign off, we agree to redo the project at our full or partial expense, require no payment of the client for our services, or to make a full or partial refund to the client…each situation to be discussed and resolved by the two parties on its own merits.

It is our policy and practice to achieve 100% client approval.