Around the House Videos

Around the House Videos

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Now You Can Keep People on Your Site Longer and Improve Your SEO Results…with Around the House Videos from IMS Advertising.

After years of searching for them on behalf of our clients, it finally dawned on us: they don’t exist.

So we just had to go and make them ourselves.

Introducing the Around the House video series from IMS Advertising, making its debut with our Core 4 introductory series:


Each one is completely adaptable and customizable for your company’s use. When completed, they’ll look like they were developed for your company‚Ķand your company alone.

Plumbing Company Videos | HVAC Company Videos | Videos for Electricians

We have one more in the works to complete our initial “Core Four” series of Around the House videos, and that’s on Home Heating System Cleaning & Inspection. Stay tuned: it’s almost done.

Is it a good idea to add video content to your web site? Consider the following:

  • 17% of people spend 4 seconds or less on a web site, but they’ll spend 2.7 minutes watching a video.
  • Google is placing more value on long stays and visitors watching videos stay longer than others.
  • A well optimized video is 53% more likely than text to appear on page 1 of Google.

But not just any videos. Videos with content relevant to your customers and prospects. Which is precisely what we’ve delivered.

How to Get Your Own Around the House Videos.

  1. Tell us which video(s) you want.
  2. Send us an eps file of your company logo.
  3. Select your favorite announcer from among the four choices.
  4. And leave the rest to us.

Each video is $750, with half due up front and the balance due upon final approval.

Custom Video Production

Over time, we’ll be adding more and more videos to the Around the House series. At the same time, we’re always happy to provide a quote for a custom video project. Contact us, and let’s talk it through.

Your Choice of Voice-Over Announcers

There are four Around the House video announcers for you to choose from. Their styles are all a little different, giving you not just the option of male or female, but “more assertive” vs. “more laid back.” If you’re requesting more than one of our videos, you can select the same announcer to voice them all, a different announcer for each video, or any combination you like. So listen now and tell us who works best for you

Audio File by Kevin

Audio File by Mike

Audio File by Deborah

Audio File by Vesta

Contact IMS Advertising today, and put the power of video to work for you. Videos developed specifically for home comfort contractors like you!